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The patented methodology uses satellite imaging, weather data and soil information to  oversee crop development, water use and irrigation need across every field throughout the growing season.

Multi-spectral images of the crop canopy every 6 metres across each field are combined with data from a network of local weather stations and key soil characteristics in a proven model producing maps of estimated crop water use.

Employing the equivalent of more than 275 virtual soil moisture probes per ha, the service remotely assesses daily crop water use and estimates future requirements, providing irrigation alerts and recommendations.

Differential crop health maps also highlight areas of particular crop stress within each field, suggesting early investigation of possible pest, disease or similar environmental problems.

Up-to-date information at your fingertips
Automatically bringing up-to-date information from your field to your fingertips, AQUATEK supports you in providing your crops with the water they actually need, when and where they need it.
It also provides field-by-field records of estimated crop water demand and supply over the season as useful element for future irrigation planning.
Water Usage Tracking
Tracking of crop water use to help you with accurate irrigation planning
Crop Health Mapping
Mapping of crop health for planning targeted corrective action
Irrigation Advise
Irrigation prescriptions for supporting your cost-effective crop production

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